Style Coaching for Women & Men
If you want to upgrade your clothing style and image, and wish to look fresh and up to date, and if you need outfits that fit your body-type better, you should choose this service. This service starts with analyzing your current outfits, and we will then create you a new style to match your professional looks and your ambitions.
TUIJA K is well-known for carefully listening to her clients' needs, and is a true professional in creating a style for each individuals' personality and career purposes.  This service includes a thorough summary of your style development, and a list of products and brands that has been chosen for your use. You will also get professional advice on your hairstyle, skin care, make-up, eyewear and – of course, colors that suit you the best.
Tuija K will take you out for shopping and will guide you hand-in-hand in creating your new style. ​​ This Style Coaching Service covers all your style needs, and stretches over both seasons summer & winter.
She is also well-known for loving her work, doing it with passion and she always has her clients' best interest in her mind. She does her business transparently with no bonus strings attached to any stores. All recommended products and stores are carefully chosen to fit her clients' style requests and the budget.
..some examples..
This service is way worth more money than its' price tag suggests. Once my long-time client had her newly styled outfit on her when attending a business conference, and a man from a business radio station noticed her because of her great style, and after the initial niceties, he asked her to come and present herself in one of their talk shows. She's now a regular visitor to that station. You can only guess what an impact this has on her business.
Another time I received a phone call from a lady saying that her husband needs a total new business style and new clothing. He is a busy business owner, CEO and a businessman, and is way too busy going shopping for clothes. I went to meet this couple at their home, did the initial interview and examined his current outfits. After analyzing his style needs, we went shopping all together and I introduced them to two shops where we not only got him a CEO suitable new clothes but also from now on his wife can do the style shopping for him.
My service includes a thorough summary of the style development, colors, suggested shopping list & brands and information in purchasing details including photographs.
Yet many another times, my clients have got that new job they have been looking. Why? Because this professional help that I offered them, made them feel more confident with themselves in this highly competitive world. In working and business environments nothing beats a good, healthy self-confidence presented with good style.
All services in Finnish & English. 
  • INITIAL DISCUSSIONS - Tuija K takes good care of getting to know her clients
  • ANALYSIS of your current outfits either by meeting up at your home or online
  • You will receive your FIRST STYLE SUMMARY with a clear action plan including your current style analysis, photographs and your very first style shopping list for recommendations
  • A shopping date is agreed. This can take place anywhere in the world be it in Helsinki, London, New York, Dubai etc. Travel expenses abroad will apply
  • FIRST SHOPPING CONSULTANCY will take three hours
  • You will receive your STYLE SUMMARY NO 2 incl. all shopping details for your future use
  • SEASON II SHOPPING consultancy will take place within half a year time, and it includes YOUR THIRD STYLE SUMMARY with all the details and photographs
  • During this half a year style journey, you will receive REGULAR INFORMATION by email how to keep your new image upto date
  • You can join Tuija K weekly Q&A online sessions to ask questions on Thursdays
  • Once a month in six months time you can book a 15 mins PRIVATE ONLINE TIME with Tuija K herself, or this session can be used to virtual shopping consultancy when you might go shopping by yourself
'To upgrade your style, the way you dress, or indeed, to create a completely new style, is a long-term process not just a one-off session, and I will be guiding you all this time to make sure that all your targeted style and image changes will take place as planned.
I am famous for carefully listening to my clients needs and for creating each one of you a style that suits the best your style and dressing up needs. I am here to help and guide you in creating you a new, personal style that you have always wished for!" - TUIJA K
(original value 2.500,00 euros)
When you require a true upgrade and a change of style, and the best of personal service, Tuija K Style Coaching will be your best choice. 
The payment options are operated safely by Paytrail Oy (Ltd), and they include a fair payment scheme for those who wish to pay on a monthly basis. Price includes vat 24%.
All services in Finnish & English. All rights reserved.
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