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Let your style speak for you

The way you dress up for business, work or leisure delivers an instant message to your social surroundings. People will scan you before you will be able to say one single word. Your style and overall image is a non-verbal, silent message that tells about you how you connect to this world. Let your attire and personal style touch speak for you, and not against you. No gambling with this one!


 A research shows that those ones who dress up for business and work, and are interested in making the right impact with their style, get better results at their work, tend to be more motivated in reaching their goals, and they earn more money.

Yes, they succeed!

During my style consultancy career I have seen companies where they pay no attention to their personnel's looks even when they meet their clients, and I have seen highly successful, goals-driven companies where the corporate management requires everyone to dress up well for work every-single-day. And of course, I have seen company policies in between those two. In all cases there are some adjustments to do in upgrading or downgrading the style levels. Too flamboyant style gives out equally suspicious message as does the untidy, old-fashioned clothing gear. 


Corporate training

Corporate training is for those companies that understand the value of how their personnel's image is an important part of the company's corporate image and branding. This doesn't mean using uniforms or the same style of clothing but it means that everybody involved is given personal advices how to dress up well. Not everybody has a good sense of style. Not everybody knows how to mix and match clothes. Not everybody knows the colors that suit them best. The corporate training starts with a group training session, and proceeds to personal style coaching. Business groups have varied from small to corporate sizes, usually the directors, sales personnel and all those who meet clients.


Personal style coaching

Over the ten years in business, we have seen the most of it. For some of our clients TUIJA K has created new styles to the clients who have been in between jobs, and the new personal style has increased their self-esteem and helped them get that new job. Some of the clients have been top politicians, governing ministers even, and many just ordinary people like you and me who have always wanted to invest time and money in upgrading their personal styles.


It's a great investment in your future.

If you too want to upgrade your business or leisure style, and to have a personal style created for you to match your personality and your position, TUIJA K is here to help you. I am very well known for carefully listening to my clients needs, and that sensitivity helps me to easily understand what are your wishes in your current situation and in your future. I am a leading business style & image consultant in the field, and with me you will be in safe and professional hands in getting your style upgrated. This is a long-term process not just a one off go, and a great investment in yourself and in your future.

''Thank you for your excellent service that catered perfectly to my needs. Not only did you upgrade my professional style, but I also learnt a great deal about how to put it into effect myself ''
Jari Kukkonen, Owner Production Software Inc
"I am happy with TUIJA's very efficient and professional services, and surprised how easily she created a style that suits me very well.''
Carita Orlando, The Vice Chairwoman of The Federation of Finnish Enterprises
Style Coaching for Men & Women
Creating a new style is a process, and that’s why TUIJA K only provides style coaching packages that focus on long-term solutions.
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